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PropX is a patent pending containerized solution for Last-Mile proppant delivery for hydraulic fracturing operations.  We are focused on building a partnership that first and foremost saves our customers money while dramatically decreasing Silica exposure for personnel on location. 

Lower your cost per ton-mile

PropX works directly with our diverse group of customer's unique needs to come up with the right solution for their application.  We are able to haul more proppant per load while reducing flat rates per round trip from transload to location.  We reduce the amount of trucks required to deliver the same amount of proppant while eliminating standby and demurrage costs entirely. 

Less is More

PropX was designed to achieve an environmentally friendly scorecard that complies with OSHA regulations.  Frac intensity continues to rise and has improved well productivity.  This has created logistical challenges in delivering the required amounts of materials to the wellsite effectively.  PropX innovators have developed a patent-pending, cost saving, environmentally friendly, comprehensive solution to the "last mile" delivery of proppants to your wellsite. 


The Flexibility of the PropX Business Models

PropX Solution: 

Designed for the Frac Service Company or E&P Company to handle logistics and operations.  

  • Your own experienced logistics and operations teams can handle all operations and logistics with PropX's optional assistance to expertly consult with initial set up and trucking negotiations.  The PropX included state of the art mobile and desktop application will assist in real-time proppant tracking and data analytics.  The system will be 100% used by the customer in the application they see fit.  If you prefer, our partner, FilaMar Energy Services, can provide trucking logistics along with our patent-pending PropX smart phone and web application to track movement of your proppant along its pathway from storage to wellhead.

Mine to Well Options

Another option provided by our partner, HiCrush Partners, LP, provides a complete service solution from the mine to your wellsite or blender utilizing PropX products. For more information on the services provided by HiCrush, please send an email request to:



The PropX benefit

  • Lower last mile trucking cost

  • More flexible MAXIMIZED load volume

  • Less truck traffic; eliminates demurrage

  • Quieter

  • Less Dust, reduces hazard of SILICOSIS



HSE Benefits

Here are some of the “green and gold” comparisons of PropX versus conventional and other containerized solutions:


First, the lack of truck traffic and traffic jams means no trucks idling for hours, creating air pollution while waiting for their turn to blow off their load of sand.  Second, the pneumatic blowers used to unload conventional sand transports are very loud and create a significant amount of dust (and damage to the sand itself).   PropX, because of its gravity driven system of unloading sand coupled with our fully enclosed conveying system, does not require pneumatic blowers, resulting in an operation which generates very little noise or dust.  Since less dust is generated from sand transfer activities, the risks associated with silicosis are dramatically reduced, ensuring a better environment for the health of your workers and better relations with nearby communities and homeowners.  



In today’s competitive market, every dollar counts, and in the case of proppant (which is the largest cost component of a frac job), fractions of a penny per pound count. The PropX solution lowers the cost of last mile trucking which can amount to 1/3 or more of the total cost of proppant delivered to the wellhead.  The ability to unload and load sand containers in less than 5 minutes (versus 45 minutes for the same proppant mass with pneumatic transfer) dramatically reduces the truck “staging” problem and the resultant waiting time or demurrage fees charge by the truckers while standing by waiting on their turn to unload.  PropX utilizes conventional flatbed trailers and the client’s own competitive trucking company’s rates.  Our logistics partner, FilaMar, can handle trucking and logistics assistance where desired.  Additionally, PropX containers are small, with two containers hauled per load so that the container’s sand volumes can be maximized to meet road weight restrictions, often allowing more sand to be hauled per truckload, further lowering costs. 



Please contact us for information regarding our preliminary tests on "Respirable Dust and Crystalline Free Silica Dust exposure levels"








OSHA announces new regulations regarding silica dust

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration released a new rule on March 24, 2016 aimed at limiting the amount of silica dust that laborers inhale on the job. Some 2.3 million people are estimated to be exposed to silica at work, primarily in the construction industry but also in the oilfield, where silica sand is used as a component in fracking.

Silica exposure can cause silicosis, an incurable disease that amounts to slowly suffocating over time. Federal officials said the new regulations would save 600 lives annually, prevent 900 new cases of silicosis and cut $7.7 billion in health care costs. 

The rule caps the silica exposure limit at 50 micrograms per cubic foot over an average eight hour shift.

The standard will go into effect for the construction industry in June of 2017. Oilfield requirements will be phased in by June of 2018, with extra time given to the industry to develop engineering controls.*

*One of these “engineering controls” mentioned above will be the PropX delivery system which dramatically reduces dust generated during sand transfer

Find the link to the OSHA release here



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