PropX is the Next Big Thing in Oil & Gas. Don't believe us? Just listen!

Listen to what Richard and John Spears from Spears & Associates have to say on The Drilldown: In-Depth Answers to Oilfield Questions, about how "Proppant in a Box" is the Next Big Thing in their podcast where they mention PropX as one of the leaders of this disruptive technology in oil & gas. 

Podcast Description: What? R&D spending isn't actually correlated to sales growth or profitability? Why the Next Big Thing is something so simple as "sand in a box". Efficiency & cost improves dramatically when the industry applies the creative solutions to how proppant is handled on the wellsite. Richard & John describe how this changes wellsite operations and why something so simple will change the game. Read more

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HiCrush Partners announces successful Pilot Test using PropX equipment

HiCrush Partners announces successful pilot test using PropX equipment.  Since this announcement a month ago, HiCrush has successfully worked with multiple customers in the Permian basin with plans to expand to other basins.  Check out the HiCrush Last-Mile value by sending an email to

Check out HiCrush's press release here


How much can your company save on last-mile frac logistics?

PropX works directly with the service company to save money on the bottom line.  We are able to haul more proppant per load while reducing the flat rates per roundtrip from the transload to location.