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The Flexibility of the PropX Business Models

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PropX Solution

Designed for the Frac Service Company or E&P Company to handle logistics and operations.  

Your own experienced logistics and operations teams can handle all operations and logistics with PropX's optional assistance to expertly consult with initial setup and trucking negotiations. The PropX included state of the art mobile and desktop application will assist in real-time proppant tracking and data analytics. The system will be 100% used by the customer in the application they see fit. If you prefer, our partner, FilaMar Energy Services, can provide trucking logistics along with our patented PropX smart phone and web application to track movement of your proppant along its pathway from storage to wellhead.

Mine to Well Options

Another option provided by our partner, HiCrush Partners, LP, provides a complete service solution from the mine to your wellsite or blender utilizing PropX products. For more information on the services provided by HiCrush. If you would like to send and email request, Click here.

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