Did you miss the Streamed PropX Presentation at EnerCom? Watch it NOW!

During the 24th Annual Oil & Gas Conference held by EnerCom, our CEO & President Kevin Fisher, spoke on the Sand Panel. His presentation was streamed live for everyone to view, but don’t worry if you missed you can watch it here!

During this Sand Panel Kevin digs into the challenges our industry faces in the last mile as well as discussing the rapid changes happening in sand logistics.

Most importantly Kevin discusses the history of PropX and how it is hands down the best solution in the changing landscape of the last mile.


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DUG PERMIAN: Kevin Fisher Speaker on Last Mile Perspectives Panel

PropX is excited to Annouce that Kevin Fisher, our CEO & President will be a speaker on the Last Mile Perspectives Panel at this years DUG Permian Basin Conference.

The Conference takes place at the Fort Worth Convention Center on April 15th-17th 2019

Panel: Last Mile Perspectives

Labor shortages, regulatory issues, and capital efficiency call for new solutions in proppant delivery. Two experts discuss the specifics of evolving technology in last mile delivery.


Kevin Fisher, CEO, PropX

Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure, TBA

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Real-Time Data Collection Optimizes Proppant Logistics

“How can oil and gas companies be assured that “smart” containerized sand delivery is effective, flexible and more cost-effective than traditional pneumatic or silo operations? The answer is in the data”.

In the August issue of American Oil & Gas Reporter, we discuss Real-Time Data and how innovative technology is the key to having the most efficient Last Mile Operation.

Click here > https://lnkd.in/ejeavzi < to read the August Cover Story of The American Oil & Gas Reporter written by PropX’s very own, Brian Dorfman, Matt Oehler & Kevin Fisher


World Oil Awards 2018 Finalists!

We Are excited to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for this years

World Oil Awards


PropX was selected as a Finalist in this years awards for the following category

Best Data Management & Application Solution AwarD

Winners will be announced in Houston on October 11th

Check out our events page to add this date onto your calendar so you can find out first who won!

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PropX: 6,000 Boxes And Counting



"With 50 Crews Active, The PropX Fleet Is Currently Growing By Roughly 600 Boxes Per Month". 

Infill Thinking, the The go-to oil & gas industry resource for clear analysis, trusted research, and premier updates, spoke with Kevin Fisher and Brian Dorfman to catch up on the rapid growth of PropX and how the PropX system is reshaping last mile logistics. 

To read the article and subscribe to Infill Thinking click here 


PropX Was Voted a Finalist: Oil & Gas Awards

We Are excited to announce that we have been selected as a finalist in the

6th Annual Texas Oil & Gas Awards

PropX was selected as a Finalist in this years awards for TWO categories

          ·  Award for Excellence in                               Environmental Stewardship

          ·  New Technology                                         Development of the Year


Winners will be announced at the The Gala Dinner which will take place on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. 

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World Oil Hydraulic Fracturing Webcast 2017 Replay: PropX

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PropX’s CEO, Kevin Fisher, was live on the World Oil Hydraulic Fracturing Webcast discussing retooling last mile proppant logistics to fit today’s frac intensity.

In this webcast you will learn how important last mile logistics are to the frac operation and what to expect in 2018 for silica exposure regulations.

If you were not able to attend the live webcast you can still replay it anytime, just click the button below!

 *If you would like to skip ahead to Kevin’s presentation, fast forward to Minute 15:00

This PropX® model may look small, but don’t be fooled it’s a BEAST!

Last week at the 5th Frac Sand Conference in Denver PropX® revealed its scale model for the first time. This is an exact replica of the PropX system featuring the PropBeast™ Conveyor Belt and the detachable PropX® Boxes.

Meet a few members of our team!  From Left to Right:  Rachel McGhee ,&nbsp; Executive Admin Assistant ;  Brian Dorfman ,  Business Development Manager ;  Mark D'Agostino ,&nbsp; Technical Services Manager;&nbsp;  Kevin Fisher ,  President &amp; CEO ;   Matt Oehler  ,  Business Development Manager; &nbsp; Sue Shoemaker ,  Corporate Controller.&nbsp; To learn more about who we are click  here. &nbsp;

Meet a few members of our team! From Left to Right: Rachel McGheeExecutive Admin Assistant; Brian Dorfman, Business Development Manager; Mark D'AgostinoTechnical Services Manager; Kevin Fisher, President & CEO; Matt Oehler, Business Development Manager; Sue Shoemaker, Corporate Controller. To learn more about who we are click here. 

This model was made to perfection, using a 3D printer the model makers at KiwiMill were able to print and assemble an exact replica of the PropX System. The detail is unsurpassed. To see just how the PropX model was built click here.

If you weren’t able to make it to the 5th Frac Sand conference in Denver you still have plenty of opportunities to view it at our upcoming conferences. To see where we will exhibiting will be next click here.

As proppant intensity continues to climb, PropX CEO Kevin Fisher discusses a “Last Mile” frac sand solution that does far more than just keep up with the unprecedented demand for more dirt.

In the August issue of The American Oil & Gas Reporter, Fisher highlights the importance of having a “Last Mile” Solution that is ready to tackle industry standards in silica dust control while at the same time significantly improving the cost, efficiency and reliability of the proppant supply chain. To see the article, click here

PropX is the Next Big Thing in Oil & Gas. Don't believe us? Just listen!

Listen to what Richard and John Spears from Spears & Associates have to say on The Drilldown: In-Depth Answers to Oilfield Questions, about how "Proppant in a Box" is the Next Big Thing in their podcast where they mention PropX as one of the leaders of this disruptive technology in oil & gas. 

Podcast Description: What? R&D spending isn't actually correlated to sales growth or profitability? Why the Next Big Thing is something so simple as "sand in a box". Efficiency & cost improves dramatically when the industry applies the creative solutions to how proppant is handled on the wellsite. Richard & John describe how this changes wellsite operations and why something so simple will change the game. Read more http://drilldown.libsyn.com/#gftdOV1MBq8jVXI8.99


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