Safety Benefits

Here are some of the “green and gold” comparisons of PropX
versus conventional and other containerized solutions



First, the lack of truck traffic and traffic jams means no trucks idling for hours, creating air pollution while waiting for their turn to blow off their load of sand. Second, the pneumatic blowers used to unload conventional sand transports are very loud and create a significant amount of dust (and damage to the sand itself).

PropX, because of its gravity driven system of unloading sand coupled with our fully enclosed conveying system, does not require pneumatic blowers, resulting in an operation which generates very little noise or dust.

Since less dust is generated from sand transfer activities, the risks associated with silicosis are dramatically reduced, ensuring a better environment for the health of your workers and better relations with nearby communities and homeowners.


In today’s competitive market, every dollar counts, and in the case of proppant (which is the largest cost component of a frac job), fractions of a penny per pound count. The PropX solution lowers the cost of last mile trucking which can amount to 1/3 or more of the total cost of proppant delivered to the wellhead. The ability to unload and load sand containers in less than 5 minutes (versus 45 minutes for the same proppant mass with pneumatic transfer) dramatically reduces the truck “staging” problem and the resultant waiting time or demurrage fees charge by the truckers while standing by waiting on their turn to unload. PropX utilizes conventional flatbed trailers and the client’s own competitive trucking company’s rates. Our logistics partner, FilaMar, can handle trucking and logistics assistance where desired. Additionally, PropX containers are small, with two containers hauled per load so that the container’s sand volumes can be maximized to meet road weight restrictions, often allowing more sand to be hauled per truckload, further lowering costs.

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